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March Commission Slots OPEN!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 7:08 AM

Opening a few days early as TwitchyKalgante will be here soon and I wanna get at least a few commissions done before he is here, since I'll be spending weekends doin' stuff :B

Pricing and Info Here!

Please send references and what kind of commission you are looking for to to claim a spot! PLEASE email me as it makes things much easier for me when I'm crossposting commissions to several accounts and sites, thank you so much!


Other Places to Find Me

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 24, 2015, 8:13 AM

I know DA is getting more and more quiet, so I might as well put it out there that I can keep in touch with folks other places too:

Fur Affinity
Facebook (just starting up the page, gonna upload soon!)
Tumblr (art and reblogs)

I'll try to keep these places updated frequently so feel free to keep in touch there! If you're looking for my "poofy" and plush accounts, those can also be found on FA and Tumblr under the same names.


Feeling better!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 17, 2015, 10:03 AM

Last weekend I just drew art for the fun of it, finished some plushies for the con, and spent time coloring, watching stuff, going for walks, and playing games with friends, and I really do feel a lot better! I played Minecraft for the first time with Zeta-Neubourn who's teaching me the ins and outs so I can get a feel for basic gameplay and TwitchyKalgante who kept stealing my bed :I It'll take me a while to get the hang of it I'm sure, but I'm really liking it. I wanna skin my character next :B

I'm changing things up commissions-wise, with taking new slots on the 1st of each month. This should prevent me from having too heavy a workload, while also giving me a nice regular schedule. I'm going to start working on plush rewards once I am at a good place on stock for the next convention. I'm sure they will take some time to complete, with most of them being very large and complex, but I am confident they will turn out awesome.

Things are slowing down, and while it still makes me a bit anxious taking time for myself instead of working around the clock, I'm feeling more refreshed and definitely happier. I want to tackle some personal projects I've had interest in doing for the past few years that I haven't touched simply because I'm always working on art and projects for other people. They're mostly fanart and just-for-fun things, nothing serious or anything, but I want to craft and draw just for the sake of doing it. To really love it again (not that I have ever truly stopped loving art, just that the no-pressure, make-what-you-feel-like feeling has been absent for so long).

I'm excited as hell about some of the projects I'm going to tackle now! And it feels great to have that feeling again :V



Journal Entry: Fri Feb 13, 2015, 12:16 PM

Tagged by NixieLupus !

Gah I've been tagged on this one so many times, I'll go ahead and just do the questions Nixie specifically asked as opposed to the random facts and tagging |D Don't wanna bother people with a lot of stuff.

1. If you were a ghost, what type would you be?
I'd definitely wanna haunt and spook people from time to time but nothing malicious! I'd wanna travel all over the place though too if I could, and probably make my presence really clear to Zeta-Neubourn by possessing plushies and pool toys and other stupid things :V 

2. How many times have you embarrassed yourself in public?
A lot. I tend to trip on things and walk into stuff. Derp.

3. What's your least favorite question asked by people curious about why you like what you like?
I think the closest things to that problem for me have been people not understanding why I like to draw art that is related to certain fetishes while not being sexually into them - I can appreciate and even enjoy art for other reasons than that.

4. What is your biggest inspiration in life?
People who show kindness and generosity to others on a level that I haven't had the strength to do myself.

5. How long have you been into art?
I've had an interest in drawing since as long as I can remember, but it was around third grade when I first saw The Lion King at school when it came out on VHS that I knew for sure that art was a passion for me.

6. Favorite medium?
Coloring books with crayons and pencils Probably digital media, it's not as messy and much more forgiving!

7. If you we're to die right now, what would you regret?
I can't say there's anything major that I regret, but I wish I'd spent more time with friends and family, doing things in person, and less time on a computer. I also in some ways regret the last thing I said to my little brother before he disappeared years ago.

8. On a scale of 1 t. 10, how nerdy are you?
Not very, hahah. I am too busy to invest in anything so much that I become obsessed anymore. But I do have a lot of toys and I enjoy things that classically would've been considered nerdy?

9. What is your biggest dream?
To travel the world, and to hopefully have companionship to enjoy it with! And it may seem small but I also very very much want to not have to work so much so I can enjoy the little part of the world I'm living in.

10. Ever wish you could take back things you've said?
Yes. Especially to my parents, to my brother, and to my partner, some of them are things I think about a lot.

And I wasn't technically tagged by Zeta-Neubourn but I'm doing it anyways because this file is taking an ungodly amount of time to save :F I'll count things we both share too even if they're technically not mine, as I do use 'em.

[x] Mother 
[x] Father 
[ ] Step-Father
[ ] Step-Mother
[ ] Step Sisters
[ ] Step Brother
[x] Brother
[ ] Brother In Law
[ ] Sister 
[ ] Sister In Law
[ ] Half sister
[ ] Half brother
[ ] Nephew 
[ ] Nieces
[x] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
[x] Mobile phone
[x] Own bathroom
[x] Own room
[x] Have/had a swimming pool
[x] Have/had a hot tub
[x] Guest room
[x] Living Room
[x] Own computer
[x] Own TV
[x] Flat TV
[x] There is some big carpet at your house 

Total so far: 15

[x] Queen/King sized bed
[ ] More than 8 pairs of shoes
[ ] MP3 Player/iPod 
[x] PS2/3 
[x] Nintendo DS or PSP
[x] Gameboy/Advance 
[x] Gamecube
[x] Xbox/Xbox 360 
[x] Wii (and a WiiU!)
[x] Your Own Laptop 

Total so far: 23

[ ] Basketball net/hoop
[ ] Air hockey table 
[ ] Pool table 
[ ] Ping pong table
[ ] Football table
[ ] sport gear

Total so far: 23

[ ] Nightstand
[ ] Stereo in bedroom 
[x] Surround system 
[x] DVD player in bedroom/portable 

Total so far: 25

[x] Go shopping at least once a week
[ ] Expensive cologne/perfume 
[ ] AIM/MSN 
[x] camera on phone 

Total so far: 27

[ ] Go Cart/car/quad 
[ ] Guitar/drums/bass guitar
[ ] Piano/Keyboard
[ ] Any other instrument
[ ] Been on a cruise
[ ] Traveled out of the country 
[ ] Traveled out of the continent 
[ ] Had a personal trainer 
[ ] Expensive jewelry 

Total so far: 27

[ ] Straightener/curling iron
[ ] Have been to a batting cage 
[ ] Have $100 on you right now in your pocket/wallet 
[x] Credit card or ATM card or debit card or bank card
[x] Have a TV in your room
[ ] Mirror in your room

Total so far: 29

[x] Window in your room
[ ] Been to Paris
[ ] Been to Rome 
[ ] Been to Australia
[ ] Been to Switzerland 
[ ] Been to Dubai
[ ] Been to Germany 
[ ] Been to the United Kingdom
[x] Been to a place written in 7 wonders 

Total so far: 31

[x] Parents have a car 
[ ] Have owned or own a Jet ski/boat
[x] Had/have Camped 
[x] Been to 3+ states/countries/provinces
[x] 80+ buddies (haven't seen some in years though, miss my SCADdies)

Total so far: 35

[ ] Home cooked meals almost everyday 
[ ] Been in a limo
[x] Been in a helicopter
[x] Own a camera
[x] Have been to Disneyland/World more than 2 times

Total so far: 38

Post as:
1-25 = Ghetto! (and tag 3 people)
26-40 = Average Teen! (and tag 10 people)
41-50 = Spoiled Teen! (And tag 15 people) 
51+ = Upper Class Snob! (Tag 20 people)

I AM NOT A TEEN SO I TAG NO ONE but you can still do it if you wanna

Relics of Childhood

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 13, 2015, 7:13 AM

What are some of the toys, shows, games, and other relics you treasured (or still do!) from your childhood? I'm working on a time capsule project I started a while back and would love some ideas. :)

Some of my favorite toys:
-Stamper markers
-Scratch n Sniff stickers
-Sticker packs from movies and shows
-Movie and Pokemon trading cards
-Teenie Beanies
-Flip cars
-Cereal box toys from Disney Afternoon shows
-Care Bears
-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles play sets
-Mighty Max
-Hotwheels tracks
-Polly Pocket
-Littlest Pet Shop
-Tamagotchis and Pocket Pikachu
-Pokemon toys
-Lion King toys
-Coloring books
-Paint with Water books (I liked coloring them with markers instead lol)

What are some of yours? Maybe toys you miss having, never got, or ones you still love enjoying now? :D

Getting Quieter?

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 5, 2015, 11:12 AM

DeviantART seems to be getting quieter and quieter. Is it just that everyone's rushing to Tumblr and Instagram, among other sites, rather than using DA as much?

I'm finding that Fur Affinity, for me personally, has a more community based feel than any other site I've been using, and the audience there is more willing to pay fair commission prices more often due to being more "grown up" in a sense, so I'm frequenting the site more and more often. It's a lot warmer and friendlier of an environment than I expected, far nicer and welcoming than sites like Tumblr or even DA at times, seeing as there are a lot of pretty mean-spirited posts around these parts nowdays. I've been more active there the past couple months.

The-B-Meister actually recently posted a journal asking his watchers if his latest content was driving them away as he's switched to a more risqué art approach. I hesitate to ask...but has the shift in content from my art a year ago to what it is now (mostly commission work, some of it more furry oriented) made some of you uncomfortable by association? I can't blame anyone for disliking adult artwork. Honestly while I can appreciate it as skillful and well made as much as any other work, overall it's not personally my thing. I have a preference for cute or more action/story-based art. I just hope I haven't made a lot of people see me differently for going this direction. The points system here on DA makes it tough to find work that pays relatively decently and the demographic here is young and immature, and I very much appreciate those who still commission me here, it's just there's a lot less demand now that there are really good artists taking commissions for 50 points. It makes it impossible to compete, and the furry community on Fur Affinity is far more accepting of fair earnings for artists who want to work with clients on a more professional level. They do have their preferences in regards to content though, heh.

Again, not to say there aren't any here, there are, and you guys know who you are! But I needed more income to get me through some tighter times. At this point I'm feeling less strain, thanks to my dad's lift on the money I owe him, and that's helped me a ton. I'll likely be taking NSFW commissions a lot less often now. Not that I dislike them entirely, but I have other subjects I prefer to tackle! I just hope I haven't driven people off too much. Might even wanna post a few Mechanima related images in the somewhat near future. Maybe. |D

Oh! And a quick signal boost for my friend ColaFizz who is taking some commissions!
Valentine Samples by ColaFizz
Check 'em out!


I'm trying - bit of a vent

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 26, 2015, 12:18 PM

So I've been really worn out and trying really hard but I'm getting so tired and not feeling too well.

I'm sorry about how I've let things pile up in so many places lately, I know people are trying to get me to do stuff with them, from Skype to Steam to collab pieces and trades and it's not that I don't want to do these things. It's just every time I think I'm going to have a break so that I can just breathe for a while and take time for myself more, things get even crazier.

I took on a part time freelance job in hopes that it may turn full time. It's kicking my ass. I'm enjoying it too, just very exhausted, and commuting there is a very long trip that's hard on me and my car. Had another urgent meeting with them today and things are sounding great but even more work and it's a chance that in a few months they may take me full time. They're letting me work from home for now but would like me to work in-office in the future too but I don't want to move and I can't commute the whole way every day and I'm just really torn and exhausted. I don't want to move, and I don't want to ask my roommate to move either. We got settled somewhere now and we are happy and I am so tired of moving and I feel like I'm such a worn out burden on him and I'm sorry for being one, he's more important to me than my happiness in a job so if I let this opportunity go to stay where I am even though what I have for a job is grueling and very unrewarding that's okay, because the risk of losing what we already have here is too much. I don't even know how much I might be offered for this job though and I really do want to work with these people currently, they are fun and clear with their intentions from what I am getting thus far and much more flexible and challenging.

That aside I have commissions and I still even have surgery rewards which I planned to honor after getting surgery but it's still so far out of reach both financially and I have no time, I can't imagine taking even a week for surgery but it takes much longer than that to recover and I don't think I'm in the right place mentally or physically right now to get through it, nor will I be for a while. I am honestly just. Thinking of putting the thought behind me and refunding those who donated and didn't receive the rewards they expected yet. I do have all materials for them and do still intend to fulfill them if folks don't mind waiting. But it's so much and it will take so long and I'm so sorry to have let people down, if I did so far.

No idea if I'll get con stock ready in time for the convention. I hope I will get lots done before then but I have some heavy projects on my roster from this company and they intend to give me up to 30 more plush projects in the future and unless I am taken on full time there and I let go of my job here, I am going to be drowning for a very long time. I hope I can get in full time and find a balance that works so I can work from home mostly but I just don't know and I'm really stressed and tired and pulled so many different ways I can't think straight, I just want to collapse and not wake up, but I can't, I need to get so much done and I need to do it tonight. And all week. And I haven't been exercising or eating right or anything, no time, too tired, I am trying to just drink Slim Fasts and not eat food much so I don't gain weight because I barely get up to move unless I need to run out for supplies or go to and from work.

I'm sorry I'm not there for friends when they're there for me. I feel like such an ass with everyone doing nice things for me and I suck at even finding time to say hi, how are you, happy birthday, etc. I feel so bad for turning down so many people who want to do stuff together, like gaming or collab art and Skyping. I wanna go fishing with my bro and play Minecraft which I still only messed with for maybe five minutes one time. I have had Steam for over a year and have yet to play any games on it. I don't want to be isolated, and I don't want people to stop saying hello or talking to me because they think I don't want to hear from them anymore.

I'm tired of all this - not the work itself or anything, just the fact that I can't seem to ever get a healthy balance of work and just. Living. I can't live, I have no energy when I do have time, I'm just exhausted and want to sleep so much but also don't want to because I want to do something fun, I have so many things to see and do and enjoy and people to do it with and they're all just eventually gonna move on and I'll be left behind with nothing but my work and I don't want this. When I do get time to chill it's so nice and I want more of that so much. I wish it didn't make me so anxious, I wish it didn't leave me with so much hanging over my head - I need a clean slate and to not owe anything else.

Ugh I'm just so frustrated. I'm sorry if I'm short with anyone or I don't respond or I just seem distant or irritable. I want to just have fun again. And the work load is really nobody's fault, I'm just stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I need sleep and a day off.


Journal Entry: Fri Jan 23, 2015, 6:39 AM

Ffff thank you so much to the 50+ amazing people who wished me a happy birthday here yesterday, gah it means so much to meeeee

I will reply to every single one of your comments I promise -flops-

Thank you also to jrlallo and Crazyabby2012 for the badges, I now have a delicious Not A Lie cake on my page 8D

Ramen hot tub by Myrcury-ArtGift - Out of Reach by caatFurry Flair - Custom Batch 1 by Zeta-NeubournSharky's Feesh by loofytehfoxJaaaay by NaoruJayburrfday by ckubesh

And to lovely FA friends for these adorable pics too!………

I worked all day last night so I can't say I really celebrated much but Zeta-Neubourn is awesome and got me a cheesecake, ice cream, 3 Amiibos, and made artichoke ravioli which was awesome. Got a Pokemon hat, an art book, Kirby Triple Deluxe, a Pikachu Amiibo, and a Meta Knight plushie from my friends and family, and hope to find time to see a few friends in the next few months when I'm not as swamped!

I've been a more distant watcher lately and I'm sorry that I'm not as active with friends here as I used to be. I'm stretched a lot thinner (becoming more and more active on Fur Affinity and trying to manage Tumblr/Weasyl a bit) and working a ton, and when I do get time to take a breath I'd just rather not be staring at a screen. I need fresh air and to get out and explore the beautiful Florida environment, and I have so many more local friends now than I ever had before, so I get pulled away to go do stuff (not a bad thing, hahah). I just wanna say that even if I'm not around as much and don't get to talking with folks as much, I haven't stopped caring and I do still love to see your art, comments, and to talk with you when I can. I want to get to more regular streaming soon, and now that I have Picarto running, it should go a lot smoother than before! |D

Thanks guys!

Heyas Fuzzies!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 10:20 AM

Whoo! Thanks for the great reception, I had to close commish slots early as I'm now under contract for freelance work as well, so I don't want to take on too many projects at once! :D

You can track progress here:…

Also it's TMI Tuesday so post away if you wanna! You can ask anon questions on my Tumblr of the same name too :)

I'm working on furry con material and if you have any suggestions for art to offer as prints, buttons, stickers, plushies, or just art in general, feel free to make suggestions - I don't have the time for requests currently but ideas are more than fine!


Commissions closed!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 18, 2015, 5:02 PM

Commissions are now full, thank you guys!

I also have a freelance job coming up so I'll be swamped pretty heavy for a while again, heh |D Excited though! I get to draw "cute jungle animals, aquatic critters, and baby t-rexes" so hey, I'll let you guys know about the products when they go up for sale if it all pans out right!

Plush on the way too, including reward plush! I HAVE EMBROIDERED PIECES! :D Huge thanks to :iconmlggirl: who filled such a giant order for me!

Status can be viewed here!

I am planning to get a schedule going which involves commission work on Tuesday and Thursday nights, exercise and convention art on Monday and Wednesday, streams once or twice a month on Friday nights, and plush work on Saturdays and Sundays. Stay tuned!


Stream Offline!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2015, 6:34 AM

Thank you to those who dropped by! Sorry for the technical difficulties and transfer, will be using Picarto from here forward.


Old Shaaark. And Furry Flair!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 12, 2015, 9:21 AM

I'm gonna be 28 next week holy crap how did THAT happen. :I

I'm going to aim to be done with my current art commission queue by then, and maybe I can do an art stream or something that night, or this Friday instead! Maybe. I dunno. Depends on if plans change and whatnot, I wouldn't mind a night off to just chill with my bro and such too!

This weekend, should be able to meet up with :iconsplatologist: and :iconsaiyanhajime: for the first time! We'll be going out for some Thai food, so excited.

And I have loads of con materials to get to work on, mostly themed around Pokemon, Five Nights at Freddy's, Starfox, and maybe some other fun stuff! I'll post up the designs as I get going on them.

:iconzeta-neubourn: is going to be at Megaplex most likely too, and will have some materials on my side of the table. He also has some designs available on Red Bubble right now!

Furry Flair - Species Batch 1 by Zeta-Neubourn
See his shop if you wanna check them out!


Q and A?

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 7, 2015, 8:25 AM

Hey dudes!

I know I've been kinda absent, thing is, things have taken off a lot over on Fur Affinity so I've been a bit more active on my accounts over there. I'm also working on plush rewards, almost done with the next on my list! But there will be more art here this week, hahah. And hopefully some fun con-related things soon too. :)

I tend to receive notes from time to time that ask questions about going to art school, how to find work, how to get motivated, etc and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in some kind of Q and A entry or something. If so, what kind of questions would you like me to answer?

I'm not the most skilled or experienced person out there of course, so take anything I post with a grain of salt, I'm not exactly a famous artist or anything. But I'm glad people helped me to get to where I am, and I hope I can offer something at the very least. For those wondering what my background is, I went to Mesa Community College and SCAD, with degrees in Computer Illustration and Animation. I work full time as a senior graphic artist on Disney On Ice, Disney LIVE!, and Marvel Universe Live mostly (with other properties from time to time) and part time as a commission artist in the areas of illustration and plush. I've created plush toys for Craig McCracken, the team at Certain Affinity, and 2K Games, among a few other companies (was offered a job designing toys for Valve and animating at Radical Axis but sadly had to pass at the times they were offered). I'm currently in talks with becoming an illustrator and toy designer behind the products at David and Goliath Tees.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments if there's something you'd want me to answer!


New Year on the Way!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 29, 2014, 1:21 PM

2015 is almost here - and it's a new start on my end. I won't be taking on as much work on the side, due to the possibility of a new job, and needing to recover health-wise, as well as a really kind gift from my father that entailed me no longer owing him tens of thousands of dollars...something I feel incredible indebted for, and incredibly guilty, but I am going to make use of that help to take care of myself and ensure I am healthier both physically and mentally next year!

Commissions will be re-opening in time though, and a new sheet will be up this week. Because I'll be taking fewer slots, I will be raising pricing to something more reasonable for my own well being, and because I will be investing more time in improving my work and growing as an artist.

The first comic pages for the story between Zeta-Neubourn and myself should be coming soon too. I've sketched out the first page but envisioned something different so I'll be redoing it soon!

Art for AllenPaw and 5-prime are first on my list before I will be working on more commissions, as well as a plush for jrlallo that is now in the works.

For those who've been asking, I do not have plans to take plush commissions. My illustration commissions are more profitable and I may be working with plush full time in the new job I am aiming for, as well as with all the rewards on my list. I would rather sell premade work I am making on my own time and continue to make things for friends and family.

I'm going through a backlog of notes! Forgive me while I get around to replying to as many as I can. Emails are the best way to reach me regarding commissions, feel free to drop me a message at sharkcommissions[at]gmail[dot]com! I hope to open slots in about a month if I'm able to clear my current wait list.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas - On to 2015!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 24, 2014, 7:46 AM

Happy Holidays and hope you all are either having a great time or at least pushing through the holiday season - hahah! I'm back in Arizona with family as of now. I've been sick since last Saturday, and not dealing well with the dry climate or being misgendered repeatedly all day every day. It's tough to readjust to, seeing as I've been living what felt much more normal for so long and now I'm back to being their little girl, which is not easy. I have facial scruff, a deep voice, and a much more male composure I think, but they "forget" every time I remind them. I know they don't mean it maliciously, I'm just intensely dysphoric, missing my prosthetic which I didn't bring with for reasons, and really can't wait to go back to Florida where the weather is nice and humid and not as scorchingly bright and...brown. The desert is no place for a shark, lol.

But it's the first time I've been to my parents' place since July of 2013 so it's good to see the cats (who do remember me despite my voice, smell, and other changes!) and to see everyone again, even if the atmosphere is very controlling and I'm being watched every moment. (I'm finding more time to myself in the late hours of the night, heh). No snow here this year which was what I was most excited to see, but maybe next year! I think my family will like the gifts I got for them and made them this year, pretty excited for them to open 'em tonight.

To wrap up the year soon, I have to say it's been another big one for me, with a lot of change in almost all good ways. Happily settled into a place I think we both really like, and really glad that Zeta-Neubourn is there with me. I think I'm more financially stable than last year, adjusting more to everything. I feel more like I can be myself and enjoy what I like now than ever, knowing that I'm with friends who have a lot of the same interests, versus people I knew out here in Arizona who just wanted to go drinking or smoke pot a lot of the time. Lots of good times with peeps like Myrcury-Art , SubstantiallyUseless , neo-dragon , and TwitchyKalgante among others, which was awesome! Looking forward to more next year, and hopefully setting up for surgery stuff, if I make it to a point where I can afford it, both money and time wise.

A new job may be on the horizon in January and I'm really excited about it. I don't wanna say too much until I know more, but it could be a very fun opportunity for me to grow more as an artist and that's a big staple in what I want to work towards next year. I feel that this year, I improved on cleaning up my coloring style and improving a bit on anatomy and color palette, but I feel that my work this year is lacking a certain passionate, emotional connection that it had back when I was drawing work for Mechanima. There's a lot more raw, intense emotion in my older drawings, and I want to capture that somewhat again. I love doing cute work, it's relaxing and fun, but I remember a lot more satisfaction from my older more story-driven work. I don't know that I'll have time to return to Mechanima story or comic wise, but I will return to drawing some for it when I am able.

First quarter I'll be focusing a lot on plushies and there won't be a ton of personal art I expect, nor a lot of time to take on very many commissions (though there will probably be slots here and there). I'd like to tackle a large load of plush right away, so I'll be starting with the ones that don't require embroidery and then tackling the rest as I get supplies in. Looking forward to clearing that slate and getting everyone's rewards fulfilled!

So Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, looking forward to another year with you!

Poofy Account and Mechanima

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 9:54 AM

Making an account for G-rated art related to inflation, macro/micro, babyfur, and similar things has proven hugely successful overnight on Fur Affinity, and so, since it's all clean artwork, I've gone ahead and posted some of those works here on DA too! You can find them over at poofy-shark if you'd like to watch, whether you're kinda into any of it, or just because you like cute things. If you don't like it, no worries, just feel free to pass. Those looking for my other alternate work, feel free to ask about my Fur Affinity pages!

Regarding plush, things are still on hold while I wait for the materials to arrive. I'll be jumping in asap though once they are here, hopefully in January. Thank you again for your patience, donors. <3 I'm looking forward to finishing every one of them and clearing up my list again!

Third, Mechanima's been getting more attention in the past couple weeks, with random favs showing up in my inbox and a few folks brought up the characters and how much they like them...that means the world to me. It really does. I'm so happy people still love the project I cared most about, even though it's been dead for so long. I mean check out these awesome things friends drew for me just recently:

Christmas Gifts 002 by Digimitsu
Rafe and Alex sketches #2 by Coffingeist

I really wish I had more time to dedicate to the comic. Knowing people do want to see it is the one thing that keeps me hoping that I can tackle it someday. Right now I need to focus on what makes the most money, and so far, the furry community is a really great option for possibly being able to work as an artist on my own at least part time. But Mech means a lot to me and always will.

It was very hard to start to let it drift, but I think overall the reason I'm not hurting as much for straying at this point is because I don't need it as the outlet to get me through the day anymore. I used to need Rafe, Alex, Angel and that crew to vent my frustrations, loneliness, and anger. I needed Rafe to channel those feelings, and I needed Alex to be the one who balanced him to keep me grounded. And now I have that in my life, with the people I love who are now a lot closer to home. I feel safe, loved, and albeit very tired and stressed, I'm a lot happier.

That being said, I still want to tell their story, and if anything, it should be easier for me to do so when the time comes, because with less vital attachment to certain aspects of the characters, I can rework certain plot points and such without feeling as adamant about adapting and changing them. I'm excited to do that someday, and I'm super excited that people still remember and care.

Thanks again, and hope you are all doing well!

10 Questions!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 15, 2014, 12:46 PM

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1. You must post these rules
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(Feel free to ignore the rules, you can comment/not tag/etc if you want to, I hold no grudges :V)

NixieLupus's Questions:
1. What's your favorite pokemon?
2. What's your dream job?
3. What's your dream pet?
4. Favorite color?
5. If you were a wizard in Harry Potter, which house would you be in?
6. Game of Thrones?
7. Favorite season?
8. Would you give your life for your best friend?
9. If you woke up as the opposite gender, what would you think?
10. If you were to be reincarnated, what would you be?

My Answers:
1. Ahh I think Bisharp is my #1, but a lot of gen 1 and gen 2 Pokemon are the ones I feel most strongly for <3
2. To be an independent artist who works from home - illustrator, comics, or animation, or a combination of the above!
3. It might sound boring but I love cats and would love more adorable fluffy babies, I can't wait to see my fluffbutts at Christmas!
4. ALL OF THEM but probably like. Green. And seafoam and salmon tones. Beachy things. 
5. Ravenclaw
6. Targaryen? I had to take a quiz hahah |D
7. Autumn! I love all seasons though
8. Yes, I love him more than I could say
9. If it were the opposite sex, I'd probably burst into tears of utter joy - opposite gender though, and I'd be back to living the nightmare I've fought with for decades.
10. I'd want to be a cis man. But animal wise, a spoiled housecat. :B (I know, not a shark, but hey, their lives are too tough ._.)

My Questions:
1. What's your best Christmas memory?
2. What was your favorite toy as a kid?
3. Favorite Disney movie?
4. If you could travel to any time period, what would it be?
5. If you could live in any video game world, what would it be?
6. Name a song that's made you cry.
7. If you could possess one talent what would it be?
8. Do you want to get married someday/are you married?
9. What's something you feel really strongly about?
10. What would you want your last meal to be?

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Discount Limited Holiday Commissions!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 7, 2014, 12:13 PM

I'll likely remain pretty quiet for a bit and I apologize for my absence! I am however taking a few slots for commissions (furry specific) on my FA account to help with holiday funds. Please feel free to check it out if interested! (Both SFW and NSFW ones are available):…

On another note, I haven't yet received all materials needed for the plush rewards, so they will be delayed until after the holidays. I am sorry for the wait, I hope I will be able to at least have a few done in January. Thank you again for all the patience, I really wish I could have gotten them started sooner. x_x

Had over 20 notes and more than 120 comments to go through, I'm sorry I'll weed through 'em with time |D Most likely I'll get through everything after Christmas!


EDIT: They're full :)

Holiday Hiatus

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 26, 2014, 5:38 PM

Gonna most likely be kinda semi hiatus status for a while for the holidays - I'm trying to expand into animation more, get caught up on my huge plush reward list, and just overall experiment with art, while also spending time with buddies and family in person, and enjoy my favorite time of the year! The Internet just ends up becoming a big distraction and pulls me away from concentrating on progressing in art, which is something I really need to do (I feel my work is at a standstill and I want to give it a boost) and other important things that are less fun but still necessary, hahah.

I apologize that I haven't gotten through the huge backlog of messages I have, including the responses to my last journal. I am struggling with keeping up with online things when life offline is flying by so fast, and it's a tough juggle. I'll see what I can do to catch up later whenever I'm back around again, and until then I'll see you around, and hope you all have a great holiday season too!



Journal Entry: Tue Nov 18, 2014, 8:44 AM

Of the sites out there for sharing artwork, Tumblr is among my least favorites. That being said, I know a lot of folks have migrated there for the easy, fast ability to post multiple images. While I'm more active here, I wanted to get my Tumblr accounts back out there to those who prefer to follow there: (fetish) (plush) (future comic)

Please feel free to add me and to share your Tumblr if you want! As a note, I am strictly following art-based content blogs. If your blog consists of a large amount of non-art related reblogs or any amount of social justice, I will unfollow.