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I haven’t been very active on DA or Tumblr for a while; I really miss talking to my best buds here and I love seeing your work and comments too - thanks for continuing to follow! The Internet’s always a shifting and changing thing - which isn’t bad, it just means it’s time, after 13+ years of DeviantART (and probably 5+ of Tumblr), I’ll be moving on to other media outlets to share artwork and follow others. Maintaining old pages is superfluous and I think I've decided on which platforms I'm going to hold onto.

I’ll be uploading one last drawing here, but I won’t be deleting my account or anything to that effect - it’ll still be here. Below are my social media handles and where we can keep in touch!

Twitter: @_robo_shark
Fur Affinity: robo-shark
Instagram: @_robo_shark
*** *** is always the best way to contact me!

I hope I still see you guys around on Twitter/FA/Insta! C:

If you guys could vote for whatever options you regularly use in my poll, that would help me out a lot!…

I can't post everywhere so I'm trying to learn where to prioritize my posting, thank you!
To those still waiting on commissions, my goal is to have all of them finished by September 15th (sans the ones for TwitchyKalgante as I'll be doing those once we get home from staying with him :V). You can see the queue here to see updates whenever I make changes! Thank you for your patience, this past month has been insane.

It's probably been apparent by my lack of openings in the past few months, but commissions will likely stay very limited or non-existent. My Patreon is open with limited monthly slots, including some that are much cheaper for those who'd like a chance at art without paying for the higher tiers! You can also pop in one month, pay for a commission, and drop the slot for the next month if you prefer. I may do streams when I am able to free up more time, if my old computer can handle it!

I've also settled on what I'd personally like to commit myself to, art-wise. I'll be working on scripting and boarding out a few children's books when I do have time, maybe next year, if my schedule is open enough to manage it. I'm working on loosening up my art style and experimenting with it. I'm shifting to traditional media, to give it a different feel from the style I've been drawing in (which has become stagnant for me). Suggestions for breaking into the book publishing world would be hugely appreciated, whether it's self-publishing through Amazon, or through a small publisher, etc.! Wish me luck!

First of all thank you SO much for the kind words, commissions, and boosts, it means a lot! The outpouring of kindness in this community always astounds me, I’m very grateful to you guys for all you do.

I want to make sure everybody knows both Zeta-Neubourn and I are 100% fine. There were no injuries, we avoided hitting anyone else, and the only damage done was to the car. Biggest bummer was missing out on Orlando and the convention!

I appreciate people’s offers to donate SO much but I just can’t accept handouts - we don’t need it and it isn’t right for us to take funds when others need it much more. I have savings I’ve had to dig into for this that I was holding out for a future home for us, but sometimes life throws a curve ball, and those funds are helping us with this instead.

I opened commissions to replenish what I’ve had to unexpectedly pull from savings, and I want to earn those funds, like I would for any other expense. I just wanted to clarify that I’m taking on this work on my own accord to try to rebuild what I’ve had to spend this month (which yes, it’s definitely more than I make in a month but that is why I’m glad I have funds saved up). But we are making ends meet and it’s not a crisis or anything.

Save your donations for those who are more in need than us, we are doing okay! We’re blessed to know so many generous people, who are so willing to give to others when they are down. Thank you so much!

Long story short, on the drive to Megaplex I swerved into the median to avoid a full collision when the car in front of me stopped abruptly on the freeway. My car is now in a body shop for a few weeks about an hour and a half from home.

After spending over $1,000 on the car already, this kinda blows. Not sure yet how I am going to go to and from work as a rental car is too expensive to do for weeks and our bus system is not good.

Will be opening commissions very soon and possibly a YCH on top of the Patreon rewards this month while working full time at my usual job. I apologize if slots take time to complete, I will not be resting at all until I finish all of them once they are open. Will make another post with slots when I am on a computer, thank you so much to any who toss work my way.


Commission Info!
Form to Request Commission

Slots closed for now, it's going to take some time for me to complete this much! Thank you so much to all who asked, I'll get sketches to everyone as quickly as I can, and I apologize for the wait times!

I work a LOT so it may take time for me to complete this list! I can be contacted via email and will respond as quickly as I can, usually within a day's time. I don't currently have supplies for badges so unfortunately I can't offer them until I have the funds to do so. :0 I must complete Patreon art by end of month so I will be tackling those first! Thank you for your patience.

I will open more slots if I am able, once these are completed. I don't want anyone to have to wait TOO long for their art. Thank you so much to everyone who can help, it is much appreciated!
I understand that being a full time illustrator or animator is kind of an obsolete position now, in a country where most of that work is freelance/contract exclusive or outsourced, and I'm trying to stay current best I can in the field I'm working right now.

Does anyone have suggestions for how best to begin learning HTML5, PHP, CSS, Wordpress and other web dev requirements? It's been years since I worked with web development (I still design graphics but no coding) but I'm unable to afford the time to return to school. Thanks in advance for any advice.
Taking 10 black and white commission slots! These will be done on 3.5" x 5.5" paper with an artist pen during my lunch breaks!

Black and White Doodles by Robo-Shark

Asking $10 per character, and I can send the original to you for an additional $2 (including outside the US)!
Comment with your character and scenario if you want one!

NSFW is OK! (Will be drawn from thighs-up.) Feel free to ask what I draw/don't draw in that area C:


1 - TheBMeister (FurAffinity)
2 - BringBackTheDead 
3 - rogeykun 
4 - toyapup (FurAffinity)
5 - markiliox (FurAffinity)
6 - markiliox (FurAffinity)
7 - markiliox (FurAffinity)
8 - KRIB (FurAffinity)
9 - KRIB (FurAffinity)
10 - tofubread (FurAffinity)

Thank you again Fur Affinity <3
Tagged by ScurvySimon to do Izzy and by CHOCO-D to do Rafe!
  1. Post 8 facts about your character.
  2. Tag 8 other Characters
  3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars
1. Izzy can switch (quite literally) quickly from one mood to another - shifting from outgoing to anxious, bored to excited, and overall tends to throw off both friends and enemies.
2. He has a very one-track mind and can be easily distracted, leading him and others to frustration with his inability to stay focused on a task during tumultuous situations.
3. He's fascinated with human functions and wants to know what food tastes like, what it's like to feel rain and sunshine, comfort and pain - he isn't advanced enough to experience any of these things.
4. Whatever it is that he's doing, you can bet Izzy will do it with the utmost passion. He cares a lot about a lot of things, to a point of obsession sometimes.
5. He's a hopeless romantic, even though he lacks any real romantic feelings. It's a part of his desire to be more like humans, and humans tend to fixate on romance. He tends to express himself in fairly extreme emotions for this reason as well, despite not necessarily feeling those extremes.
6. He collects tons of junk that he believes will someday come in handy. He hates throwing anything out, as he's positive he'll find a use for it at some point.
7. Despite getting into trouble a lot, Izzy's a good caretaker figure, and he understands human needs far more than Rafe does, although he tends to take things a bit too far in sheltering Alex and badgering her to make sure she's comfortable and satisfied.
8. Izzy's impressionable and can be influenced by others. However, he does have some deeply-rooted beliefs that can't be changed, no matter the situation. With a more limited emotional capacity when compared to Rafe, his surface reactions don't necessarily reflect true empathy.

1. While technologically advanced and highly intelligent, Rafe's emotional intelligence is equivalent to about a 5 year old human's when he first encounters Alex. He's plenty capable of appearing suave and human when he needs to be, but he is selfish and stubborn, sees many of his destructive acts as inconsequential, and he isn't the best reactor when coping with unfamiliar, sometimes painful feelings.
2. He's very focused and able to multitask with ease. Rafe can filter through multiple conversations and record key information, and is able to pinpoint threats via hypersensitive sound detection and different modes of vision.
3. He does lack extensive touch and smell senses, they're more limited than a human's experience. He can identify chemicals in the air, temperatures, and whether or not he is damaged. Real physical pain is only experienced via specific electrical impulses, but it can be absolutely crippling to him.
4. Rafe loves music, even going so far as to create his own sporadic chords. This is something which baffles the roboticists and engineers behind him. Some of his favorite artists are Queen, Weezer, CCR, The Black Keys, and The Who.
5. At first, Rafe is rather indifferent to thrills and danger, but when Alex begins to go from afraid and skittish to adrenaline-pumped and ready for adventure, he starts to take pleasure in taking risks mostly from her reactions.
6. He always wants the upper hand. Even when not openly asserting himself, Rafe follows no orders, and is a smooth talker and very persuasive when he wants to be. The only exception is Alex, whom he grows to be very protective of, and whom he learns to trust in, especially when it comes to human instinct - something he lacks completely, as he relies heavily on rational thought and probability.
7. Because of his emotional immaturity, when Rafe does begin to develop more feelings, he experiences them on a very intense level. For this reason, he's in a constant battle with himself, not trusting nor wanting to react to these new emotions, while simultaneously wanting to fight hard for what he thinks is important.
8. Rafe doesn't consider himself a hero or crusader. He does want better lives for machines, but at the expense of humans a lot of the time, and he still puts himself before others, utilizing comrades however he sees fit. It takes a lot to make him feel remorse, but he does care more than he allows himself to show over time.

I'd like tag anybody who'd like to give this a go to help develop their characters. Please feel free to "get tagged"!
Has anyone ever been through a lengthy burnout? As in a few years?

I still draw regularly, it's all commissions and pandering to the Fur Affinity audience. I don't hate doing it or anything, it's just work, in addition to my already full time+ workday, at a job that is extremely non-creative and very stressful. I have looked for other work but it's very hard to find anything in my field that pays enough to live (that may change if we can move north).

My hope is someday we'll have a cheap enough home (no more apartment rent) that I can go independent and work on commissions. Although I realize it's very unlikely I will ever be able to survive on that, I can't thank those who've signed up for my Patreon enough. I am so happy to be working for you. I'm sorry that I drove away watchers with it, I know some people can't stand artists trying to live on their work and I received anon hate messages for asking for Patreon advice some time back.

But my drive for doing my personal art has faded drastically since this job pretty much broke me, and when I try to draw anything up that alley, I do several sketches and none of them are worth finishing. I doubt whether or not it's worth the struggle, as there's no money in it versus furry art. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get back to comics, because I already work so much. My doctors keep saying I need to take time to rest and exercise and I'm trying but that leaves no time for anything else and I feel lazy as it is for taking any breaks.

I don't know how many people would like to see Mechanima. I know a few friends have told me they do, which never fails to make me tear up a little. Thank you. I want to get back to it somehow, I'm just so lost and exhausted and indifferent. I can't seem to feel happy for very long, and I have withdrawn so much from this place, I get anxious every time I try to type a comment or reply. I'd love to at least be able to dedicate a tiny bit of time every few months to what I personally used to love, and to offer more feedback to all your projects too. I miss keeping up with everyone's work.

If anybody has advice feel free. Thanks for listening, I'm so nervous to even post this hahah. I hate sharing these kinds of things. I just feel so stuck and have been for so long.
I've begun collecting Pokemon Tales books and I'd love to be able to get all of the English ones at some point! Problem is, a lot of them are severely overpriced, despite the fact that we all know that almost no one is going to pay $100+ for a board book. :T Some of them do show up MUCH cheaper from time to time and I'll be watching for them when it's in my budget to buy a few, but in the meantime I figured I would also offer trades to anyone who might have some collecting dust and would be willing to send me any of them!

The ones I'm looking for are here:

I'm happy to draw for you in return! (I would like to receive the book first, just since I have been stiffed on trades a lot of times in the past *_*) Just let me know what you'd like me to draw! Drop me a note if you have any of them C: I may be interested in other Pokemon books (storybooks as opposed to guides) so let me know if you wanna try swapping sometime!

Goal: $280/$150

Much thanks to you guys on Fur Affinity!! Gah they fill so fast |D

Need some fundage for upcoming April expenses, so limited commissions are open! I'll close slots when goal is reached :)

If you'd like one please check out the links below! Open for sketches, flat colors, and full color!

Commission Prices
Terms and Conditions
Submit Form

Please submit the form and I'll respond via email! Thank you!

Please see link!

Feel free to ask about fabric and make offers. I'd be happy to sell them in larger batches if possible but shipping on an 8lb box of fabric is insane now D: Take as much as you want though, please! Happy to trade them for art/other items too.

They are remnants so some scraps are fairly small but big enough for plush projects and blankets and such!

Please email me at if you're interested, cross-posting so I might miss your comment/note or not see it as fast as someone who sent an email X)

My friend neo-dragon is taking commissions for some screen-licking icons! If you'd like some high quality animated icons, check them out!
YCH Dog Licking Icon by neo-dragon
Thanks for all the kind birthday notes, shouts, and other messages! That was so sweet <3

Wanted to let folks know I'm not dead hahah! I have just been busy with commissions on Fur Affinity! My hope though is that as I clear up the last of the commissions and trades I have, plus three more plush, I'll be touching on more personal work.

I should be posting some collabs, fanart, and some other things within a month or two. I'm planning on Megaplex in Orlando again this year as well, and need to start gathering supplies and get to work on things to sell there!

Talk to you guys later!
Progress will resume in January.

To Do List:

:icontarkeng: Lera Plush COMPLETE
:iconthe-fox-after-dark: Kimba Plush
:iconthe-fox-after-dark: Moomin Plush
:iconzeta-neubourn: Neptune Jr. Plush
ALL FULL! I got about 60 requests, ran out of cards |D

❄ Please only request one card per household/person.
❄ If you are offended by the phrase "Merry Christmas" please do not ask for a card, it may be Christmas themed!
❄ I can't promise everyone on the list will get one but I will do my very best!
❄ MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS AND NAME ARE COMPLETE AND CORRECT in order to be sure the card gets to you! Especially important that those in foreign countries enter their address EXACTLY as it should appear on the envelope and with a real name to ensure it is delivered. :3
❄ Pay it forward to others if you can, in some form - whether it's cards, gifts, or simply acts of kindness :) Bring holiday cheer to as many as you can!

Happy Holidays & Blessings!

Back from New England!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 30, 2015, 8:57 AM

Hey guys! Zeta-Neubourn and I are back from visiting TwitchyKalgante up north in Massachusetts/New York. It was absolutely beautiful there – the leaves were just changing color and we went out hiking, picnicking, even apple picking, and had a fantastic time. We saw New York City and bought a bunch of stuff and went to the Big E which was awesome and I definitely want to go to a fair again! I love the beach here so much but miss the crisp northern air, rolling hills, and changing seasons. Not so sure which climate would best suit us…we could get a much larger home for much less here, but we could live in a more progressive place with more variety up there. I like both so much! Either way, would be able to visit one and live at the other. 

I can never fight that wanderlust, travel is something I love so much, the change of scenery was exactly what I needed. It was great meeting Kal’s family and being up there with them, and great to see him again and see his home for the first time. They were a very fun bunch and I’m grateful we were so welcome there.


I am slowing down and enjoying life much more because of it, and I feel way less stressed and refreshed from it. This trip solidified things more than ever. Expect more personal art when I do post from time to time, and a pretty quiet shark overall - will be out playing often. C: But I will drop in when I can to say hi, and I hope you are well!


Thanks for all you do!

Game Art and Animation!

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 16, 2015, 10:17 AM

Hey guys!

I'm no longer actively checking messages on this site, but I did want to give an update - I am still working on artwork, despite losing my ability to focus on it and starting to feel less and less attached to it. My job has made it really difficult to see the passion I used to have in this field. As a result, I've been pulling back on "art as work" and trying to go back to "art as passion" - which leads me to the projects coming up.

Zeta-Neubourn is working on creating some really fun games, and the first he's been working on, Full Metal Rabbit, is going to be heavily 2D animated in a fun old-school hand-drawn toon approach! I'll be going back to my roots in animation, maybe even working pencil-to-paper for this project. I want to give it my very best, make it as polished and awesome as it can be, and I'm excited to possibly even get to work with some of the character designs as well. In relation to that, I want to animate just for the fun of it again. I'm nervous to push myself back into this area as it's something I have strayed from for so long, and because I'm so buried in a negative atmosphere with my job that I fear every mistake involved with learning. But I need to conquer that if I'm ever going to get back to what I set out to do with my life in the first place. Comics, animation, and game dev are on the horizon, and I'm not sure how much of it I'll be sharing with you, but I will be diving into it soon!

I'll also be working away at plush - I'm finishing up one of the reward plush, and have 5 more to go. I also have more projects in between for practice and other ideas. It's tough finding the time for everything, especially when I work late a lot and end up in a foggy daze a lot of the time. But I'm looking forward to having that work behind me, and I hope someday I actually can afford the surgery the funds for those plush are intended to contribute to!

Thanks again to all those who are still watching, I hope you're doing well!

Life. It's a thing.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 20, 2015, 9:37 AM

Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for everybody for all you guys do, I appreciate the kind words on my work, the encouragement, and your support in so many ways.

I've been struggling a lot (for years honestly but I tend to keep quiet and do my best to plow through) and I am branching out to trying to apply to another wave of jobs. For now I'm trying to stay relatively local so we don't have to move anywhere in the next year, unless Emory gets a job elsewhere, which is totally cool. I am having to redesign my portfolio to an extent and shift focus from my artwork to production/design stuff (not my forte but the only thing I can get a job in).

I'm still working on reward plush from 2 years ago when I started up a GoFundMe, each plush is very large and detailed so it is taking a long time to complete them, but I'm keeping the work on them as steady as I can. I'm also trying to clean out the apartment a bit to make things lighter and give us more room, less clutter. I appreciate your patience a lot as I work around the clock and taking breaks is so essential for my health right now.

I've been emotionally drained and in a lot of pain this week. Emotions are NOT something that I like to express or deal with, I'm the type to view everything rationally and tackle problems with logic and progression - more of a "what do I do to change this" approach than a "this hurts and I need to let it out" kind of way, I hate the latter and I hate burdening anyone with it. |D So, change is on my mind. A lot, hahah.

Been looking at home ownership as I mentioned before, but I'm so divided on whether or not we want to stay here in this area, or if we will want to end up somewhere further north, or in between. The ocean is a near-must for me, being far from it would be hard on me, but if we were in an area with other large bodies of water and lots of greenery and rainfall, I think I could cope. I'd hate to give it up unless I absolutely had to though. But cooler weather is totally fine, maybe even appreciated. Been thinking about Connecticut in particular. Not so sure on jobs though.

Ideally, one day we'd be living off our passions. Logically, we need full time jobs. And travel is a big passion of mine, so if I ever want to make that a reality, I need to do more than simply make ends meet. Stability is a must. >_>

But yeah. All my ramblings aside, I'm working my way through things slowly, with a lot of help from Emory who's always there to give me advice and comfort. It's a struggle, I'm not feeling well a good majority of the time the past two years. But I am doing my best and trying to force myself to work just a bit harder to get through this so one day maybe I can recover.

Thank you to the friends who've been there for me. I know I'm never on Skype and I am often quiet online in general. It's not that I don't appreciate everyone, just that I'm very introverted and I tend to handle my emotions by myself (or privately with Emory), and more or less seek advice for solving the problem rather than for comfort - but I'm still grateful for those who've reached out even if I am horrible at knowing how to respond. Thank you. <3


Deviant Artist Questionnaire

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 2:27 PM

Holy cow guys thank you so much to the like 20-some people who've tagged me recently, I'm so honored to those who've said they wanna meet me, listed me as a favorite artist, etc - I am gonna go through and reply to every single one of them! I guess I better do this too ;_; Thank you!


1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Almost 13 years now, though I'm not nearly as active nowdays!

2. What does your username mean?

I think it's pretty straightforward :9

3 .Describe yourself in three words.

A big butt

4. Are you left or right handed?

Wrong-handed :V

5. What was your first deviation?

2D from Gorillaz by Robo-Shark

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Character art, for sure. I like drawing for the furry community currently.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

I don't know about styles but I'd love to master other mediums, especially 3D modeling, watercolor, and animation, as well as making better backgrounds and props.

8. What was your first favourite?

alphapilot by alphaleo14

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Cute stuff, plushies, things I wanna use for my wallpaper :9

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

I can't possibly pick one, I love so many artists *_*
to name a few!

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

and many more, PLUS all of my IRL friends who I already get to see often! (In fact I've been lucky enough to meet a few of those listed here in person but only once or twice ;_; )

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

A lot of you have really been there for me when I needed it, and the long notes from :iconthirdpotato:, :iconstellasstar: and :iconsaetje: really helped me through some tough times with great advice, among many others. Then there's :iconzeta-neubourn: who I don't know how I'd live without, and :icontwitchykalgante: who's there with us via voice almost every day, just to mention a small few!

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Digital mostly, as it's cleaner and faster for me!

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

At SCAD, for sure. Surrounded by other artists while eating sushi and watching Adult Swim always did it for me. I miss those days.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

I can't really say I know for sure, probably getting featured in Daily Deviations and the times when my work got enough favs that it reached the Most Popular on the front page, it was exciting to see although it feels so long ago now, lol! It's also been fun doing trades and commissions for people over the years, and I have fond memories of those I met through fandoms of the past, many of whom have faded away but I have not forgotten you. <3


And a quick very belated tag from DarkGraySkies045 !

1. What is your favorite movie?

Tekkon Kinkreet!
2. Cake or Pie (or both)?
BOTH! :9
3. Favorite Actor (And if you don't have one, favorite singer)?
Ummmm I love a lot of voice actors!
4. favorite animal?
5. Favorite piece of furniture?
Bunk beds!
6. Describe what is perfect weather to you?
Stormy afternoons/nights or snowy ones near Christmas, in a house with a fireplace <3
7. apple juice or orange juice (If neither then,favorite juice)?
Both! But probably apple cider is my favorite!
8. watercolor or acrylic paint?
Watercolors are one of my favorite mediums to look at but one I'm sure I'm not good at!
9. Any of my characters you favor the most? (Sorry idk)
Silvia <3 She's an adorable shy shark!
10. do you like anything about my style?
I love the cuteness to it, and the softness to your characters!
11. if you like aircraft name a few of your favorite?
F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Raptor, Switchblade
12. favorite childhood cartoon?
Pokemon, Mighty Max, Ninja Turtles, and tons more!
13. you favorite OTP? (and for those who don't know what OTP stands for [One True Pair])
Me + sushi :V